Contest: STUD GIS: 2014-2015

about contest of student works with the use of geoinformation system K-MINE «STUD GIS: 2014-2015»

If you are a student and you prepare yourself to successful career in geology, mining, information technologies, then the Organizers invite you to take part in the contest of student works “STUD GIS: 2014-2015”!

Contest aim is to attract creative youth to use modern geoinformation systems (GIS) and stimulate students who realized professionally interesting GIS-projects.


Students, postgraduate students of geological, geodetic, ecological, mining and IT-specialties are invited. Works solving applied problems by means of geoinformation system (GIS) K-MINE are accepted for the contest.


  1. Deposit development and mineral excavation by open-cast and underground mining (for example in field of complex use of GIS in mining production management).
  2. Mining and underground construction (for example, in field of SAPR at mines and underground constructions design).
  3. Surveying (for example, in field of innovations of surveying services work automation at the enterprise).
  4. Mining safety (for example, in field of mining labor safety).
  5. Geology and hydrogeology (for example, in field of geological prospecting and mineral deposit modeling using GIS).
  6. Economic geology (for example, in field of solving tasks of mineral deposit geological-and-economic estimation in GIS).
  7. Ecology and environment protection (for example, in field of ecological safety, environmental control, audit, applied ecology and balanced nature use).
  8. Geoinformation systems and technologies (for example, in field of transport logistics, optimization tasks at final and temporary excavation outlines definition).
  9. Geodesy and cartography (for example, in field of electronic maps creation as GIS basis).


  1. Actuality. Work must be of topical interest.
  2. K-MINE. Work must be performed using K-MINE.
  3. Novelty. Work must be original and meet copyrights requirements.
  4. Practical use (utility). Work must provide opportunity of further realization in modern conditions.
  5. Comprehensibility. Material must be understandable for a wide range of skilled specialists. Terminology must meet generally accepted standards in certain field of science.
  6. Research depth. Topic of research must be fully stated.
  7. Consistency. Represented material must be consistent, classified and reasoned.
  8. Execution. Work volume is not more than 25 printed pages (Times New Roman, 12 pointtype, 1.5 line spacing). Obligatory work content: contest work itself (in format .doc or .pdf); graphical materials drawn in K-MINE (in format .odf); presentation in MS Power Point.
  9. Language. Work can be represented in Ukrainian, English or Russian. Contest participants are responsible for information validity, copyrights, rules of literature sources use.


All participants whose work will meet contest work requirements will receive diplomas. Authors of the best works will receive licensed software K-MINE, keepsakes, possibility of taking part in III International scientific-practical seminar “SVIT GIS – 2015” free of charge, publications in reports collection of this seminar, recommendations for job placement with leading organizations in field of geology, geodesy, mining and IT.


Applications registration ends on 31 March, 2015 on, Acceptance of work with mark “Contest” ends on 20 April, 2015 on File name should contain participant surname in Roman letters.


SPE “KRIVBASSACADEMINVEST”, 50027, Ukraine, Krivoy Rog, post box 2401,
tel. +380 67 569 87 71, +380 564 74 39 95;

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