Report on the seminar “SVIT GIS – 2016″

So, let us sum up the seminar SVIT GIS – 2016.

Let us remind you that the III International scientific and practical seminar “SVIT GIS – 2016” was successfully held in Truskavets, Lviv region on 16th-20th May. These were 5 days rich in speakers’ lections, partners’ reports, practical trainings, master-classes, presentations of new capabilities as well as cultural program: excursions about Truskavets and Lviv.HLS_3001-2

The seminar was held with the support of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, Public Service of Geology and Mineral Resources of Ukraine, State Service of Labor of Ukraine, State Scientific-and-Industrial Enterprise “GEOINFORM OF UKRAINE”, State Committee of Ukraine on Mineral Reserves, State Committee on Geological Projects and Estimates Examination “Geolekspertiza”, “Poltava Mining” ltd., METINVEST HOLDING, Ukrainian State Geological Survey Institute, State Militarized Rescue Brigade of State Service of Ukraine on Emergency Situations, GEOINFORMATION MONITORING, Republic of Kazakhstan, Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv  and other organizations.DSC_5260.MOV_snapshot_00.11_[2016.05.30_10.56.49]

The aim of the seminar SVIT GIS-2016 was exchange of knowledge and experience between domestic and foreign specialists in mining production using geoinformation system K-MINE. During the seminar all the participants could find out a lot of new information, share their professional experience with colleagues and representatives of state organizations as well as communicate with each other in a friendly way.

DSC06043-2More than 40 reports were made during the seminar. The themes of the reports showed K-MINE structure and functionality at applied tasks solution as well as practical experience of its use in different spheres of activity. Taking part in training MASTER-CLASSES the participants broadened their working skills with GIS on specific examples of geological support, surveying, geodesy and cartography, as well as mining planning and design.HLS_2983.MOV_snapshot_00.04_[2016.05.30_10.58.23]

We thank all our partners who found several free days in their busy working schedules and devoted them to self-education, experience exchange and innovation acquaintance. These are representatives of Ferrexpo Company, Arcelor Mittal Kryvyi Rih, UMG holding, METINVEST HOLDING, “EVRAZ Sukha Balka” ltd., JSC “Kostanay Minerals” (Kazakhstan), JSC “Pole “Olimpiada Ore-Dressing Combine” (Russia), “Mining Company Mineral” ltd., Kryvyi Rih iron-ore combine, medium and small open-pits, mines, ore-dressing combines, research institutes and higher educational institutions…

One of the main tasks of the seminar was to present a brand-new version of information-technological platform K-MINE and its capabilities.
All participants of SVIT GIS-2016 received information materials including published COLLECTION OF REPORTS of the seminar and a PRESENT: a new version of K-MINE-2016.DSC_5290

We are working hard to upgrade our system K-MINE.  And we are happy that this year more than 100 people from 3 countries: Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Russia visited the seminar. Thus, our software solutions are in great demand.
We are proud that nowadays K-MINE is the most universal system for mining tasks solution. Its singularity consists in a wide set of tools which allows replacement of software products of various developers simultaneously.
We are pleased that introductions number is growing, geoinformation systems of each enterprise are expanding, number of certified specialists is increasing.HLS_3277.MOV_snapshot_00.09_[2016.05.30_11.04.09]

The seminar was held with the support of 52 information sponsors including GIS-Association of Ukraine and Russia, association “Innovation development of Ukraine”, business-portals, information-analytic and applied-research portals of minerals use and mining-metallurgical industry, several publications such as:  “Rational Mineral Development”, journal “Energobusiness”, “Mining”, “Mining-metallurgical Industry”, “ITM. Information Technologies for Management”, “Mining Journal of Kazakhstan”, journal “Coal”, “Industry in Focus”,
“Geoforum”, “Industrial Safety”, “GIAB”, “Union of Surveyors of Russia”, “Mining Book”, “MetalMininginfo”, “World of Automation”, “Mining Education” as well as information-publishing centers on geology and minerals use “GeoInformMARK”, agencies “PRoAtom” and great number of famous specialized Web-portals, exhibitions and conferences.HLS_2886

With the seminar completed the following DECISIONS were made:
1. Consider the themes discussed within the seminar such as use of geoinformation system K-MINE for mining, geodetic and geological prospecting and other spheres of minerals use as those of current importance.
2. Intercede with State Service of Labor of Ukraine for development of standards and notifications for mining-graphical and mining-technical documentation electronic conduct, storage and use.
3. Intercede with State Service of Labor of Ukraine for development of standards and notifications regulating the rules of information electronic exchange of mining-technical documentation between the enterprises of mining, processing industries and bodies of State Service of Labor of Ukraine.
4. Intercede with the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources of Ukraine and State Service of Geology and Minerals of Ukraine for making changes in standards and notifications regulating the rules of preparation and submitting for consideration the materials of geological-economic deposits estimations and getting special permissions for electronic minerals use.
We thank you for your trust. We will continue updating the system making it more available and functional.

Best wishes, KAI team.

Additional information about the seminar: SVIT GIS – 2016.

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